Take A Stand Bullying Prevention 

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Starting at the Kindergarten level and progressing through Grade 5, children learn about bullying, its effects, how to stop
it and the importance of mutual acceptance and respect.


Child Abuse Prevention

The Safe Child Program is a comprehensive curriculum which teaches prevention of sexual, emotional and physical abuse by people known to the child; prevention of abuse and abduction by strangers; and safety in self-care.


Reach Program

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The REACH Program is a group program for use with high risk elementary school age children. It is a flexible tool that can be used over ten sessions or an entire school year.


Challenge Program

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The CHALLENGE Program is a group-based curriculum designed to increase the ability of high risk youth to be successful in their families, schools and community.



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The RECOVERY Program is a group program conducted in schools, therapeutic settings and community organizations for children, ages 6-18 and adults who have been previously victimized.



Sherryll Kraizer, PhD is available to assist you in assessing your environment, practices and policies to reduce your institutions risk or to assist you in evaluating an incident which has occurred. For consultation or expert witness services, you may contact her through the Coalition for Children.